Information about the Roleplay

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Information about the Roleplay

Post by Necruta on Fri May 10, 2013 10:38 pm

Dranire is a country in which every person is able to use magic to some extent. Unlike the 'normal' mage of other countries, which are born into a specific element, the Dranirians can learn different elements depending on talent and choice.

They start to go to school at the age of 5 in which they learn the basics of magic: creating simple manifestations and learning how to attack with solidified magic. This school is available for everyone and everyone is forced to go to it. After 7 years they  either continue their schooling in magic for a substantial annual fee in return for training with elemental magic, or they leave for less magic-focused occupations.

Dranire law is, for the most part, standard. Thou shalt not kill, rape, steal, etc.  save for two additional laws:
"Something isn't magic when it requires physical contact to either attack or defend".
"Physical weapons, armor and violence are forbidden, any physical weapons or armor are to be brought to the government."

Although there are magical weapons which are created around a limb as long as the limb does not touch the opponents body it's fine. But as soon as it does and law enforcement witnesses it, they will immediately detain the offender. The penalty is the sealing of the offender's magic, and immediate exile.

However they have made 1 exception to this rule: a young man named Kialo, who used physical weapons to defeat a powerful warlock whose powers allowed him to completely resist magic. After he defeated him the government still sealed his powers, however, they would allow him to return if he learned to use non-physical magic again.

While most battles will be 3 hit battles where you're out after getting hit 3 times there will be fights where you fight to knock someone out or even death battles. For the latter, you will require some stats.
From the beginning of the RP you have 100 HP by default. This can increase or decrease depending what happens in the RP or depending on the race you pick. Damage calculation is determined by: (Mana spent casting / racial resistance) - magnitude of the defensive skill used.

Everyone will also start with 100 Mana which one will use to cast spells. This can be improves through extensive training in the RP and racial modifiers.

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