Religion in Dranire

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Religion in Dranire

Post by Necruta on Fri Jul 31, 2015 8:48 am

There is no Religion in Dranire, because spirituality and magic don't go together. If one were to believe in a God while using magic the God would become mad causing the magic to fail or in the worst cases the mage would die. They do however believe there is something who created Dranire, since there are records stating that most of Dranire looked like Jeot'wisn with the exception to the single small river which flowed through Dranire. During these times most people in Dranire weren't able to use any magic, one day a person appeared in a pillar of light. He told the people "I will create a world for you where you can live without having to worry about food or drought however it is up to you to maintain this world."

With these words the man started to walk throughout the land, everywhere he came the sand started to shift and created fertile ground. The moment he left that area plants started to grow there and clouds gathered above that place which gave water to the plants allowing them to grow even faster. He then walked towards the river and with a wave of his hand a huge flow of water broke through the mountains making the river much larger and created a large network of small rivers and a lake which provided water in places where the rivers had trouble doing.

Finally he went to the south east of the country and as he raised his hands mountains raised from the ground with a single path going through it. "I will leave this place as it is to remind everyone how you used to live and what this country will revert to if you aren't careful." Lastly he created 2 huge forests where people could hunt for animals and then he started to glow with white light. "Lastly I bestow upon you people the gift of unbound magic, from now on everyone in this country is able to use magic and isn't bound to a single element or specific class."
As he said this the white light that was around him expanded and covered the entire piece of land .

After this the man was tired, as a final reminder he handed his cloak to a small country in the north of the country and then disappeared with a watery explosion. No one has seen or heard from this man since but the actions of this man have never been forgotten and his warning still is fresh in everyone's memory, what became of the man's cloak no one knows to this day the council of the Sages are still looking for it. It is speculated that the robe of infinity could be the robe the man left behind but seeing how most mages can't even wear it while only a few people have worn it for 1 minute one must wonder how he wore it all the time.

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