Important historical events in Dranire

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Important historical events in Dranire

Post by Necruta on Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:32 pm

B.C. = Before Chronomancy.
A.C. = After Chronomancy.

423 B.C. Dranire is formed

400 B.C. The first magic school was created by the Naveon family and it was named National Magic school

374 B.C. The Naveon family gain political power and create the magic ranking system.

352 B.C. The first laws are established in Ryseitan
The first laws were

Taxes depending on income
No murder
No stealing
No Rape

351 B.C. A police force was created to uphold the laws

350 B.C. The first 4 Reco'Lach titles were given and the council of Sages was formed with those 4 Reco'Lach with the head of the Naveon Family as the tie breaker

346 B.C. the laws which previously only had power in Ryseitan now are applied throughout the entire country

300 B.C. A new law is established, usage of physical force against other beings is not allowed.

290 B.C. two more laws are established

"Something isn't magic when it requires physical contact to either attack or defend".
"Physical weapons and armor are forbidden, if you own a physical weapon or armor and you don't have the intention to bring it to the government you will get the death penalty"

284 - 258 B.C. Aetherial rot starts spreading across Dranire, which is a disease which blocks off all mana usuage from the body and corrupts the mana inside one's body slowly but surely destroying the body through unstable mana and magic inside the body. This disease was cured by the Keidur family who sadly died due to their own cure.

258 - 229 B.C. Rebuilding and trying to combat any traces that Aetherial rot.

200 B.C. Arch Reco'Lach title is created

183 B.C. Royal Family stops being the head of the council of Sages and the Arch Reco'Lach take it over with secrecy.

174 B.C. The warlock is born.

150 B.C. War with the warlock.

143 B.C. Dranire wins the war with the warlock.

143-120 B.C. rebuilding Dranire.

0 A.C. Chronomancy discovered which allowed for accurate historical documentation.

3 A.C. Chronobary is formed, a library which allows you to look at important past events through chronomancy.

10 A.C. Warlock returns and wages war with Dranire again.

40 A.C. Dranire wins the war again, thanks to Kialo

47 A.C. Kialo and Corbeb got banished from Dranire

53 A.C.Current year.

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