Important historical figures.

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Important historical figures.

Post by Necruta on Thu Aug 06, 2015 5:05 pm

King Wilhelm Naveon I
King Naveon I was the first King of Dranire and created the first laws, during his reign he created the basis of the current magical schooling system and magic ranking system. Most people regard him as the most important historical figure due to him being the most important reason Dranire is structured the way it currently is.

First 4 Reco'Lach

Fire Reco'Lach
The first Reco'Lach in Dranire, he's the brother of the Earth Reco'Lach. During this time period he was seen as a prodigy but if you were to have the same skill he had in fire magic you'd be just above average maybe just a Lei'gren in the current day and age. His real name is Rokur Pyraia but that name was long forgotten, only with recent chronomany discoveries the real name has been found and recorded.

Water Reco'Lach
Fuloa Iyen was the person who created the lake in the north of Dranire, her water magic combined with Ceivu's landscaping created that lake and the rivers which lead from it, by using the mana in the air she, together with Ceivu and Fathiss created the Aquten at the bottom of the lake which creates an endless supply of water for the lake.

Earth Reco'Lach
The younger brother of the Fire Reco'Lach, Ceivu Pyraia. Like his brother his current skill level would be around the Lei'gren level. He was known the most for his contributions to the landscaping of the currently large cities and cultivated land.

Wind Reco'Lach
The wind Reco'lach worked together with the Naveon's to create a airstream around Dranire which created their own local weather which can be controled through wind magic to let rain fall wherever needed. Fathiss Fayal, the wind reco'lach, gets high praise from everyone to this day for her spell which tamed the whether for 50 years in Dranire. While the spell still exists to this day, no one has been able to replicate it and it has been deemed the family spell of the Fayal which sadly went extinct after Fathniss.

Light Reco'Lach
The Light Reco'Lach ,Ahia Nyetri, helped a ton with agriculture together with Dolfar. They together created a system which allowed plants to grow all year long through light and nature magic. While her abilities helped Dranire grow and deal with their food problem it has been said that her magic was limited to just creating spheres which radiated the sun's light but had no actual uses in combat.

Nature Reco'Lach
Dolfar Limekk helped Ahia with the agriculture and later married her, however even with the recent discovery of chronomancy not much is known about him except his accomplishments in Nature magic.

Time Reco'Lach
Clotep Galom is the current leader of the counsil of the Sages and the head of the library of chornomancy. After he had finished his education at the age of 15 he dedicated his life to the past and discovering Dranire's history which led to him inventing chronomancy and his signature technique time window.

The Warlock has fought Dranire 2 times in the history the first time it was for political power and since he was rejected as a Reco'Lach, while is power was formidible it didn't help Dranire in the slightest so with the war he hoped to change the system but after a long battle between the factions he was defeated. Unable to kill him because of his strong magic they opted to seal his memories, talent and mana usage away from him and teleported him away from Dranire.
After 2 hunderd years or so he returned and showed even greater power than before, the seal the council put on him had become his greatest weapon making him completely invunerable to Magic, the moment the counsil couldn't defend himself anymore a young boy jumped before the warlock and battled him, while interms of magical abilities and inteligence he was absolutely no match for the warlock he found a way to defeat him. He broke the fundimental rule of Dranire and assaulted him physically with a weapon, the warlock was stunned by this result. He had never expected a little boy to have a weapon, much less know how to use it.
Due to this he was wounded and the counsil took advantage of this by unleashing their full power on the warlock, after the dust had dissappeared the place where the warlock stood was completely barren and the only thing left of his was his robe.

Corbeb is a Ex-Arch Reco'Lach the highest magic title available in Dranire, and also the highest position of power. When traveling around Dranire Corbeb found a little child who's parents had abandoned him. He took him in like one of his own but quickly realised why the child had been abandoned, he had absolutely no affinity towards any type of magic at all. Over the years the child grew up, but his poor affinity with any type of magic still stayed the same. When the country was under attack by a warlock which nullified every non-physical spell thrown at him the child, confronted him with his own strategy. While he was bad at magic, he knew how to manipulate his mana and energy and used that combined with his physique to overcome the warlock. However due to the laws of the country the child was sentenced to death for using physical force, Corbeb still a Arch Reco'Lach, managed to reduce the sentence to the sealing of the child's mana supply and his Banishment, together with his own with the only way to return to Dranire was to prove that the child had learned a non-physical way to cast spells.He knew he might see him again in the future. However he had to go his own way in the world, so he could fix the problem he had so they seperated ways. It's been 5 years since that happened. After an absense of 6 years Corbeb returned to Dranire with the boy who had mastered non-physical magic.

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