Magic schools in Dranire

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Magic schools in Dranire

Post by Necruta on Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:57 pm

Crystallized Elements
Location: Jitarg
Headmaster: Kialo
Specialties: everything
Focuses on: free magic schools
Fame: None
Most famous student: None
Cost per year: 0 Dranan
Year Founded: 53 A.C

Storming Hydra
Location: Lake in Ev'rir
Headmaster: Brian Maesei
Specialties: Wind and Water students
Focuses on: teaching a broad array of skills for both in and outside of battle
Fame: well known, almost everyone knows it.
Most famous student: Aoi Euide
Cost per year: 5000 Dranan
Year Founded: 200 B.C.

National Magic School
Location: Ryseitan
Head master: current king/queen
Specialties: teaching high class magic
Focuses on: individual magical growth and signature techniques
Fame: unparalleled
Most Famous student: Hides Naveon (youngest son)
Cost per year: 8000 Dranan
Year Founded: 400 B.C.

Alrua Aroma
Location: just outside of Rinnei
Headmaster: Iroine Pyraia
Specialties: Earth and Nature magic
Focuses on: being an affordable magic school for the masses
Fame: it's well known on a regional level
Most Famous student: none.
Cost per year: 1250 Dranan
Year Founded: 100 B.C.

Beaming Phoenix
Location: Ureza
Headmaster: unknown
Specialties: Fire and Light magic
Focuses on: staying in business
Fame: it used to be a no-name school but now it's nationally known after they won the tournament
Most Famous student: Kenneth Deon
Cost per year: 1500 Dranan, now it's been increased to 2000 Dranan.
Year Founded: 0 A.C.

The Scholomance
Location: Magic District of Ilru
Headmaster: Moiraine Rahvik
Specialties: Dark Arts
Focuses on: Providing enlightenment on controversial magic
Fame: Known throughout Dranire.
Most famous student: None
Cost per year: 4500 Dranan
Year Founded: 45 A.C.

If you think you see a spot where a Magic school would be located feel free to leave a post in the suggestions with the following template

(Name school)
Location: (try to be precise)
Headmaster: (either be creative or discuss with a DM)
Specialties: (on what type of magic do they focus)
Focuses on: (what is the goal of the magic school)
Fame: (how well known is the magic school and on what level)
Most famous student: (I know how tempting it is to make it your own character but try to refrain from doing so)
Cost per year:(for normal schools it should be between 1000 and 2500)
Year Founded: (what year was the school started)

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