Kenneth Deon, current national magic champion

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Kenneth Deon, current national magic champion

Post by Necruta on Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:24 am

Name: Kenneth Deon
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species:  Crystalis
School: Beaming Phoenix
Backstory: From birth, it was clear to most that Kenneth would be a talented wizard. His parents claim that he was born, already shining like the sun, albeit there is nothing to actually prove that. What does have proof, however, is his immense success in the wizard tournaments. Diligent and gifted as one could be, Kenneth quickly rose through the ranks as a prodigy of his kind. He was about as powerful as some of the senior students at the age of nine, and by the time he was a senior he had fully mastered every magic he could have learned as a student, as well as his own signature move. Hordes of students would run to him, requesting tutoring and lessons. Despite this, he refused every single one. He was far from stuck up; in fact, he was quite modest. He was scared of himself, his own powers, and those asocial roots took hold quickly. Now, he is rarely seen not studying or in a tournament, choosing to extract himself from the public. For their good... and his own.
Magic: All the base magic, Light magic.

Signature magic:
Beam cage: Kenneth shoots a giant beam of light towards his opponent which splits in 10 different beams trapping them inside the cage. Once the cage is closed it starts spinning making physical escape impossible and starts firing beam spells inside the cage which are reabsorbed by the beams.
27 Mana
Cast time: 2.1 seconds
Cool-down: 18 posts
Duration: 20 posts

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