Aoi Euide, Student at Storming Hydra

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Aoi Euide, Student at Storming Hydra

Post by Necruta on Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:25 am

Name: Aoi Euide
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Dranirian
School: Storming Hydra
Backstory: Young and talented, Aoi was always a little bit of a shy girl. Regardless, she tried her best to remain open, talking to as many people as she could and making friends where they came. She never did maintain a friendship for more than a year, but it had become routine for her to love and forget again and again. It left no pain behind anymore. When she wasn't trying her best to be social, she would study in her room. The idea of magic interested her, especially the clear split between the adults as well as natural magical abilities. She was a classic nerd in every sense of the imagination, so when she was made eligible for the national championship, she was elated. She certainly didn't get far, but what she did notice was the extreme competitiveness. That tense air, that spirit of battle. All of it intoxicated her, made her want more. She took that excitement back home with her, and now near the top, she only wants to experience that feeling of battle once more.
Sword (1)
Ball (0)
Beam (0)
Armor (1)

Signature magic:
Leviathan's Blessing: Aoi channels her mana inside her body, once the channel ends her body is surrounded by a blue armor which grants her +7 mana per post, her abilities cost 5 mana less and are 5 mana stronger.
23 mana
Cast time: 0.5 seconds
Channel time: 3 seconds
Cooldown: Once per month
Duration: 15 posts.

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