Hides Naveon, youngest of royal blood

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Hides Naveon, youngest of royal blood

Post by Necruta on Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:25 am

Name:Hides Naveon
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Dranirian
School: National Magic School
Backstory:  Born into royalty and power, Hides always felt like he was left out. His parents chose to leave him alone, ignore him, focusing on the country of Dranire instead. This left a young boy craving for affection and recognition with tutors that meant nothing to him. The constant need for perfection and accuracy soon left him cold and spiteful. His entire world was dedicated to receiving the love and care of his parents, and the only real way to do that was the national championships. Well, was. In a series of brutal attacks, he was destroyed by the newly crowned national champion, and crushed with that were his only chances of the care he so desired. He was, to say the least, mortified by the loss. After years of tutoring and work, this should have been easy. Left to himself afterwards, Hides now rejects the notion of even trying to talk to others. He was bitter after the loss, his sole purpose now clear: crush everyone.
Gauntlet (0)
Spiked ball (1)
Wires (2)
Shield (0)

Signature magic:
Royal Guard: Hides creates multiple soldiers which are made from mana, these soldiers wield shields and swords which are each equal to the sword and shield spells. The armor has a total of 15 mana inside it, hitting it with 15 mana or more will break the soldier. 25% of the damage the soldiers sustain is transfered to Hides.
15 mana per soldier (max 3)
Cast time: 1.2 seconds
Cooldown: 8 posts

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