Morrigan Vrezen, The Necromancer.

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Morrigan Vrezen, The Necromancer.

Post by Lunarnox on Wed Sep 16, 2015 12:48 am

Name: Morrigan Vrezen
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Dranirian
Magic Ranking: Maggeir

Born in the year 28 AC in the town of Rinnei, Byles, Morrigan grew up as an exceptional Nature mage, attending Alrua Aroma at the age of twelve. Growing up Morrigan loved spending time outside in the forest, watching animals and using her magic to make the flora thrive. She even had her little glade in a small grove where she spent most of her time, practicing her magic, making things grow. Above all else, she loved Life. By the age of fifteen Morrigan had finished her secondary magic schooling then started spending more and more time in her grove, experimenting with her magic, breathing a new life into the forest, causing it to flourish beyond anything it had been before.

Roughly two years later a recently graduated student from Beaming Phoenix was passing through Rinnei, visiting some friends, a few of the local earth mages. Morrigan was walking home from the store when she saw a cloud of black smoke raising up in the distance followed shortly by a low rumbling sound. The smoke had been raising up from the direction of her grove, without thinking Morrigan dropped her things and took off sprinting towards her private little Garden of Eden. As she drew near her heart shattered, her worst fears realized. Her precious paradise was no more than a charred, barren landscape, buried under a landslide. She would later learn the the Beaming Phoenix graduate had been showing off and lost control of his spell then ran off in panic, the earth mages had caused a landslide to bury the inferno before it spread to the town. As Morrigan stumbled through the smoldering rubble, too heartbroken even to cry she came across something that ripped out a strangled sound from deep within her. What she saw was the mangled, torched corpse of a young deer. She dropped to her knees by the body, reaching a tentative hand out towards it before snatching it back to her chest, tears now streaming freely down her face. While the destruction of the plant life torn her heart asunder with enough time her magic could  regrow it all, but the death of the animal life was something no existing magic could restore. Her sorrow soon became rage, rage at the bastards that had done this, rage at the fact no one had yet done something to cure the vile thing known as death. What she had to do was be the vanguard of this new magic! Develop a cure for death, reverse the irreversible! It would be a long and arduous quest but the final payoff could be the single greatest discovering in all magical development. Every journey began with a single step and this was no different, she
had to become a Leigren. Luckily Morrigan knew of a tournament happening in Ilru in a few months and because she had finished secondary school in three years she was eligible to be a Leigren if she used a unique spell against one. This was also the perfect chance to get some vengeance on one of those bastard fire mages.. She used her magic to make a single flower bloom in the center of the barren landscape and returned home.

Morrigan spent the next couple of months developing offensive techniques to her nature magic, turned out it wasn't that difficult when she put her mind to it, by the time the tournament was rolling around she felt she was more than ready for it. In the arena in Ilru Morrigan stepped out to face her first opponent, she couldn't believe her luck! She was facing a Leigren in the first round, a fire Leigren, she wasn't about to hold back on the bastard. The fight started in an instant, both combatants launching out a series of attacks, Morrigan with balls of magically hardened thorny plants the fire Leigren with bursts of flame. Neither of them payed much heed to each others attack, focusing only one getting the three hits in first. Whoever landed the next blow would win this round, the Leigren look like he wanted to end it in a spectacular fashion, and began channeling the spell that had made him a Leigren in the first place. It was at that moment Morrigan remembered she was supposed to be using her own signature spell, something she had forgotten in her desire to beat her opponent. The look on her face was one of 'oh shit' she needed to do this now there was no time to wait. Morrigan channeled a huge amount of mana into the ground, a huge tangle of roots shot out from under the Leigren, entangling him and draining away a portion of his mana. The drain was enough to prevent him from using his spell, but that didn't matter, Morrigan had gotten the last blow in she won! She entered the second fight with confidence, it was against a student of Storming Hydra, however her opponent was wasting absolutely no time with this, firing off her signature spell immediately: A mini hailstorm with each chunk of ice exploding mid air all around Morrigan. The shards of Ice then swirled around, merging together into five large icicles that launched at Morrigan who managed to summon vines to deflect four of them, the fifth hit her though. The only thought in Morrigan's mind was 'ah fuck' and used her signature spell, Nature's Grasp but just as the water mage was about to be entangled she used the water from the melted ice was a whip to strike Morrigan, and just like that the fight was over, the Storming Hydra student had won.

When the event was over Morrigan was approached by one of the Arch Recolachs who congratulated her on achieving the rank of Leigren. Morrigan looked stunned as the Arch Recolach walked away, was it really that simple? A Leigren now, well, this was amazing! She blinked then, suddenly realizing someone was talking to her, a woman who looked in her thirties what she was saying made Morrigan's jaw drop. "Greetings. Congratulations on your new rank. I'm Moiraine Rahvik by the way, the Chaos Recolach. I must say I was rather impressed with your match against the Leigren, so much so in fact I would like to ask you to become my apprentice in learning Dark Arts. You could very well reach Maggeir with what you learn from me and become an instructor at my new founded school. Well? Does this idea appeal to you?" D-Did a Recolach just offer to help her reach Maggeir status? This was absolutely perfect! Morrigan smiled up at Moiraine and nodded vigorously, "Yes ma'am! I would love that very much! Thank you!" As Morrigan walked with her new tutor to the school Moiraine asked her what type of magic she would like to advance.  Morrigan thought for a brief moment responding that, as a nature mage she hated seeing things die, she wanted to learn a magic that could do the impossible. Reverse death. Moiraine hummed then looked down at Morrigan and patted her head, "That magic is known as Necromancy child, I know some of it and I will impart my knowledge of it to you as I can. For the most part however this must be a magic of your own doing. Do you accept that you may need to do things against your beliefs in order to achieve your goals? Necromancy is a Dark Art and it is the nature of the Dark Arts to go against the natural order of things, the very thing you represent now." Morrigan stopped in her tracks, forcing Moiraine to stop and wait for her as well.
Morrigan thought long and hard about what was being asked of her, she'd have to go against what she stood for, that meant she would probably have to kill things herself, the very thought made her sick to her stomach but... if she learned this thing called Necromancy she would bring whatever she killed back to life so in the end it wouldn't have really mattered. Morrigan gave a shuddering breath and responded, "Yes. Yes I will do what it takes to form this magic.. the cure to death is worth any price." With that the pair continued to Moiraine's school, The Scholomance. When they arrived Morrigan sent notification to the Council of Sages that she was planning on becoming a Maggeir by advancing nature magic to create Necromancy.

Over the course of the next eight years Morrigan learned how to manipulate mana into a corpse to reanimate it, but she had to maintain control over it constantly or else the corpse would drop down again or, the more messy result, explode violently. With Moiraine's help Morrigan developed a way to create and artificial mana heart that could maintain itself indefinably allowing Morrigan to 'program' a series of commands which would animate the corpse to do as she wanted without her needing to maintain direct control. She could use it to reanimate dead animals or people and 'program' them to move and act as they would have in life, even capable of barely intelligible speech, however they had no mind of their own, no soul, the very essence of what made them alive was still missing. Morrigan was happy of course, she had finally mastered Necromancy but she wasn't satisfied, she needed to become a Recolach, like Moiraine, and do so by developing Soul magic, all on her own. She would  solve the problem of death even if it killed her! But that was a problem for tomorrow, for now she should go tell her teacher she had finally mastered Necromancy. she ran to Moiraine's office bursting through the door, "I did it!! I've mastered it! I've mastered Necromancy!!" Moiraine looked up from her work, she seemed to be copying the large tome she always carried around,  "Ah, wonderful news Morrigan. You should report to the Council and see if you can get approved as a Maggeir. When you get back you will have a place as the Necromancy instructor, you should also think on what time of magic you wish to create next, the path to Recolach is an arduous one." Morrigan nodded, "Don't worry Moiraine, I already know what I'm going to be working on. Soul Magic, to make true resurrection, wish me luck."  With that Morrigan left to report her success to the Council.

Morrigan demonstrated what she could do with Necromancy, explaining to the Council that if she were approved as a Maggeir here she intended to strive for Recolach status by creating Soul magic making death no more deadly than the common cold, effectively making immortality. The Council saw the merits of this and granted Morrigan the title of Maggeir who then returned to The Scholomance as the instructor on Necromancy as well as begin her research and experimentation on Soul magic.

Magic: Necromancy:

Animate Corpse: Morrigan animates the dead with mana and can use them to perform various tasks, including fighting for her. She can animate up to 25  humanoid bodies this way.
Mana Cost: 1-25
Channel Time: N/A
Cast Time: 2 seconds
Cooldown: 1-5 Posts
Duration: N/A

Deathwatch: Morrigan can tell the condition of all things within 30 meters of her, knowing if there is anything that's dead, alive, wounded, undead or neither alive, dead or undead.
Mana Cost: 5
Channel Time: N/A
Cast Time: .1 Second
Cooldown: 2 posts
Duration: 15 posts

Create Greater Undead: Morrigan combines previously animated corpses into a single grotesque entity. (One Reborn from Bloodborne)
Mana Cost: 45
Channel Time: 3 seconds
Cast Time: 2.5 seconds
Cooldown: 20 posts
Duration: N/A

Curse of Undeath: Morrigan places a curse on the target, if that  target dies while under the effect of the curse they are instantly reanimated and under Morrigan's command
Mana Cost: 30
Channel Time: N/A
Cast Time: .5 seconds
Cooldown: 5 posts
Duration: 30 posts

Sigil of Rebirth: Morrigan creates a large symbol on the ground, covering an area of 50 meters. This spell functions as a mass Curse of Undeath.
Mana Cost:65
Channel Time: 1.5 Seconds
Cast Time: 1 second
Cooldown: 15 posts
Duration: 45 posts

Magic: Nature Magic:

Nature's Grasp: Morrigan creates roots that grow from the ground which entangle the target for 3 posts and drain 5 mana for each post they are trapped. these roots can only be destroyed  by a mana sword, axe or fire
Mana Cost: 20
Channel Time: N/A
Cast Time: .5 Seconds
Cooldown: 7 posts
Duration: 3 posts

Accelerated Growth: Morrigan causes existing plant life to grow at an extreme rate. (A staple spell)
Mana Cost: 5
Channel Time: N/A
Cast Time: N/A
Cooldown: 2 posts
Duration: N/A

Plant Animation: Morrigan can animate plants much in the way she animates the dead.
Mana Cost: 15
Channel Time: N/A
Cast Time: 1 Second
Cooldown: 6 posts
Duration: 12 posts

Barrier of Thorns: Creates a wall of dense, thorny vines.
Mana Cost: 10
Channel Time: N/A
Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
Cooldown: 4 posts
Duration: N/A

Purify: This spell purifies contaminated water and food sources
Mana Cost: 15
Channel Time: N/A
Cast Time: 1.5 Seconds
Cooldown: 3 posts
Duration: N/A

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