Draenen - Earth Instructor

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Draenen - Earth Instructor

Post by Major Spoilers on Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:03 am

Name: Draenen (Drai-nen)
Age: 38
Gender: Man
Apperance: A middle-aged man with a circle beard. Short dark brown hair and brown eyes, with fair skin. Looks a little older than his age, due to the wrinkles around his eyes. His thick eyebrows often lock into a stern look that belies his empathetic and kind nature. Usually dresses in an intricate and loose black tunic, with a brown cowl and brown pants.
Backstory: He lived a very peaceful and strife-free life on a cattle farm for much of his early life. Later in life, he picked up reading from a scribe who stayed with his family for a while. He became fascinated with tales of heroism and chivalry and read any books he could get of that kind. Later in life, however, he earned a taste for wisdom over heroism, though not completely overshadowing it. Years after picking up his first book, he left his family's farm to study at a magic school. Earth magic suited his slow and relaxed pace, and suited him well, and so he took it up. After graduation, he trained to become a teacher, wishing to pass on the power of Earth as much as the value of wisdom and kindness to his students. He taught from age 22, and moved to Crystallized Elements to fill the vacancy of an Earth teacher there.
Magic: Earth magic.
Signature spell: Tunneling, which allows him to bore a tunnel large enough to accommodate him through any earth-based substance, so long as it is larger than he is, such as a wall, or boulder.
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