Kyla Character Sheet

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Kyla Character Sheet

Post by Firebreath on Tue Oct 06, 2015 1:29 am

Kyla Character Sheet

Name: Kyla
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Dranirian
School: Crystallized Elements

Appearance: Kyla is an average girls height for her age. 5'6'' inches tall. Her body figure says a lot, round towards the hip area but fails towards the chest, a B-Cup, a round face, small pointy nose, and perfect red lips, her eyes are round and a bit big, colored grey. Her hair a bright-dark red. She usually wears a a small black cloak that cuts mid way through his body. But underneath it she wears a brownish white shirt made out of cotton, covered in small brownish straps, while wearing brown tight pants, and black leather shoes, over used. The same brown straps on her shirt also surrounds her arms up to the wrist.


Kyla was only a young girl when she was left by her father and mother. She was different, she was weird what they conceived wasn’t what they were expecting at all. Her mana usage was out of control, she would make things out of a whim. They were too much for them.

Luckily for her there was someone walking by when she was left. You see she was left in the middle of this forrest near a special lake that through out the whole world has been known for its properties. This man, who was about to walk into it, stumbled upon Kyla, snapping himself out of it, saving the both of them from imminent death.

This man had a high knowledge in Magic and knew how to use it as well as teach it. This was especially good for Kyla, because later on as she grew up this man became her teacher/father. He never told her that she was left behind. Just told her that her mother had died in a wagon accident whenever she asked about it. He had made sure to imagine a pretty picture of Kylas fake mother.

Whenever he told it, to her it felt like she had gotten more beautiful.

At the age of 6 he had taught her how to control her mana, as well start her up on a special kind of magic that he only knew. It was passed down from his generations. Better now to teach it before he dies leaving nothing behind.

To Kyla this had made her super excited. Accepting the teaching immediately. Taking her a total of 10 years straight. Of brutal training of the physical body as well as the mental one. Right down to the mans dying grave.

Now, her goal to go to a magic school, she heads out to become one of the greatest magicians Dranire will see in history.


Weapon Magic: 1

Ball Magic: 1

Beam Magic: 1

Shield Magic: 1


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Re: Kyla Character Sheet

Post by Lunarnox on Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:20 am

Erm... what? Like I had difficulty reading that back story.. I felt like massive chunks of it were missing. Doesnt flow. There is probably some other stuff like why not go to a fancier school but we'll get to that later

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