Eve Will Application

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Eve Will Application

Post by Jesswolfa on Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:30 pm

Name: Eve Will
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Anthros - Fox
School: Hydra
Backstory: Eve spent the first 9 years of her life, in a coma like state living her life in a dream world. In this world she battled monsters, lost friends and truly faced damnation everyday which would be with her for the rest of her life. on her 9th birthday she woke up, with her mother crying on her bed praying, that Eve would wake up and so she did. Eve didn't recognize this person and the world seemed like a distance land; with the first thing Eve done was pick up a glass of water, pray to it and throw it directly into her Mother face. "Who are you,, what are you... What is this place.  Eves Mother Yang instantly looked up in surprise and ignored the questions and just hugged Eve with all her heart.  "What are you doing... Who are you". Yang was surprised that eve had somehow learned the English language and could control her body as if she had lived a real life for the last 9years.

It would take Eve almost three years to fully merge into the world, of Dranie and accepting it as reality but her personality would still be reflected based on the 9 years of, demonic battle. Eve would spend several years trying to bring her skills from her mental state into reality but with no luck, though during 9 years of passed time she would finally have brang out this skill through words "Bone of my Soul, Beam is my Light, Sword is my Blood...Unknown to Death.. Unknown to Death...PRESURE" Once this concept connected the real and dream she developed a new Family Skill : Will Dragon. Being the first in her family.

Eves real family figured once they realized she had powers at the age of 18 they figured it was time to send her to a real school for these kind of things. The school they would send her to would be called Hydra. Eve Mother was quite wealthy so the yearly cost would be nothing for her.   Hydra was the most local school their was, additionally it would compliment Eves Foxy nature.
Magic: 0 0 0 0 :Sig 4

Name: Will Dragon
Description. Unless a barrage of flying 20 blades, Each able of dealing 5 mana damage. After Can be pulled together with Beam magic to form a Shinning dragon around Eve, Allowing her to breath medium ranged Metal Beams attacks capable of dealing 30.  Additionally Shinning Dragon grants a speed buff.
40 Mana
Channel time: 2 seconds
Cast time: 3 seconds
Cooldown: 5 pages + How long dragon used.
Duration: until destroyed or dispelled [Swords] 10posts [Dragon]


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