Corbeb, Bookstore owner in Ilru [WIP]

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Corbeb, Bookstore owner in Ilru [WIP]

Post by Necruta on Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:25 am

Name: Corbeb Vandis
Age: 70
Gender: Male
Species: Dranirian
Magic ranking(If any): Leigren
(ignore the gun)
Backstory: Corbeb was born in the year 17 B.C. in a rather normal family of water mages. In his childhood he was very outgoing and easily made friends with most people he met causing him to become popular rather quickly. His primary school life was rather boring and quite standard and completed his primary school with ease. He created 2 signature magic skills while in primary school one which was just an improvement on the basic ball skill causing it to burst and release more balls. His second one was interesting though. He had created multiple wires on his finger tips and bend his fingers so his hand was half open. He then put his hands in each other and moved them away from each other again while twisting his hands in an opposite direction. After doing this for a few seconds a black and white bolt of energy was created between his hands which would blind the enemy and pierce it’s skin on multiple places due to it being made from multiple wires causing a tingling feeling like that of a small electric shock. Hence why he named it Shocking Flasher. During his first year of secondary school where he enrolled in Storming hydra, he didn’t spend a lot of time making friends or socializing and instead focused on his studies of Water magic. Because he had dedicated himself fully on his studies he was progressing rapidly in the usage of water magic and knew he would be done soon. He was glad because his parents weren’t /that/ rich and the yearly fees would become too big of a burden on them if he had spent longer than 3 years on this element. However after the first 2 years his progress slowed down a lot, he didn't know why but everything seemed to become so difficult. All of the basic things were easy to do but the advanced things seemed to be so hard. After half a year of struggling he knew he wouldn't get it done in this year so instead of trying even harder he instead found a job to take off a lot of financial pressure of his parents and found a job in the local magic store.

Now that he was somewhat financial independent the pressure of finishing school also left. He started having fun again, talking to people and socializing through that he slowly but surely became more relaxed. However he still was having problems with his magic, one time while the store was empty and they had nothing to do it came up as a conversation topic.
"So how's school been going, with work I'm guessing it slowed down your progress even more."
"Actually, no. I've just reached a dead end. For some reason I can't get better or do things the way I used to do them. It almost seems as if I'm not cut out for water magic while it almost came naturally to me before.
"Water magic you say... huh. Alright then let's see your water magic up to the point where you're struggling with it." The shop owner put his hands up and clenched his little- and ring finger into a fist while relaxing his other fingers and moved them to the side. Instantly after doing so the bookshelves and everything in the store moved to the wall creating a open space for Corbeb to show what he could do.
"uhhhhh..." Corbeb was doubting himself, what if he screwed up and damaged something and took a quick glance at his boss who just gestured that he should show him with his head. He sighed. "Sure." He walked to the centre of the room while the boss used magic to turn the shop sign to closed.
He stood there concentrating on the aura inside him making it more fluid, colder and more wet. Quickly after he held a water ball in his hand, this took him about half a second a respectable time for someone still in training. He then starts moving the ball around as it leaves a trail of water behind becoming longer and longer until he let the ball hit the stream of water absorbing the water back into the ball making it grow bigger. This is what he was confident in, he knew he could do this without failure what came next was something that he still hadn't mastered yet but he did succeed in a few times. He took a stance, his feet firmly planted on the wood his mind fully fixated on the water he had in his hand. He moved his other hand to the ball and touched it and moved it away from his other hand, slowly but surely a sword of water started to form in between his hands and he grabbed it. He sighed in relief that it went well, however now it was time for the real test. He nodded at the shopkeeper who simply kept watching with a stern look on his face. The water sword turned back into a water ball hovering in between Corbeb's hands.

Corbeb strained his mind and started to duplicate the water balls until there were 5 of them around him but they were less smooth than the previous ones and started to drip water on the ground. Slowly moving them towards some of the plants in the room Corbeb noticed he was getting to his limit, a few meters before the balls were at the plants they became even more unstable and either just fell apart on the floor or burst like they were water balloons. The shop keep shook his head. ”I can already see your problem, the last few years you did everything according to your text books and scrolls didn’t you?”
Corbeb who had never told his boss how he learned was shocked “H-How’d you know?”
"Once you’ve helped a couple of students with their studies you tend to notice somethings. You’re focussing too much on what you want your magic to do instead of letting your magic do what it wants” Corbeb looked confused at the man. “What do you mean by that, magic doesn’t have its own will, we have to mould, shape and control it to make it do what we want. It is taught that a-“ The shop keep put his hand up to stop Corbeb "I’m going to stop you right there, that’s the common mistake most people make. What they are saying is true indeed we mould, shape and control magic. However every element and school of magic has a different will, casting wind magic differs a lot from casting fire magic. The way you’re currently casting magic is more of an earth style very static with not a lot of movement going on. You’re working with water here a fluid motion and way of thinking is required” He conjured a ball of water and split it into multiple balls of water and added a few balls of regular mana in it. “Keep an eye out for those balls of mana since those will show you what I mean” As he moved the water to the plans the balls inside the water kept swirling around and around inside the balls as if the water was actually moving inside of the water balls. Once they reached the plants the balls of mana moved downwards to the bottom of the balls and water started to drip from the balls watering the plants. Corbeb stood there in awe he had never realised he didn’t have to focus on controlling the entire ball just make sure it maintained its form until he wanted it to burst. With this information he thanked his boss and continued working until his shift was over, once it was over he raced to his house and practiced with what he had learned so that he could catch up with his studies. However in the middle of his practice sessions he noticed that things were going very easily so he called it quits for the night and took a long night sleep.
The next day he woke up because of a sharp knock on his door he walked to the door and opened it, apparently it was a mail man which handed him a letter. Wondering from who it was seeing how he never got mail he quickly opened it.
It was from his parents saying that due to a financial success they had more money than before and they would be able to pay for his full 4 years of water magic. Overjoyed that he didn’t have to rush his education Corbeb finally started to relax and enjoy his time studying and started making friends. He started to do things outside of the normal classes, because he no longer was pressed for time he started to follow classes on making scrolls and glyph making so that later he could have a shop in Ilru’s magic or scroll district because he was nothing special and he knew it so it would help him in the future. During the following 2 years he had the time of his life and made many friends which he still has contact with to this day.

After he had graduated from Storming Hydra he set up his own little magic/scroll shop in the magic district of Ilru. After 2 years his shop always was at the break-even point allowing him to live his everyday life with relative ease and without much worries, this changed when he got a letter from his parents. His mother had gotten seriously ill while it was treatable the cure was expensive and was too much for them to afford in such a small period of time. So Corbeb decided that he needed to help his family with this issue as they had helped him during his studies, with the national magic tournament being held soon he’d might be able to get more publicity for his shop so that his profit would be higher so he could help pay for his mother’s treatment. Although it has been a while since he used offensive magic he thought he still had a decent chance due to the fact that he had 2 moves no one else had, nor would likely think off. Over the course of the next 2 weeks in his free time he started practicing magic again trying to put a real punch behind his spells, while normally people focused on improving their elemental magic Corbeb decided to focus on generic mana manipulation since it costed less time to create and could be cast quicker.

After the 2 weeks were over the Tournament started, looking at his first match-up Corbeb was disappointed. It was only a second year student at Hydra, while he underestimated his opponent he quickly and smoothly dealt with him by dodging his attacks and striking with rapid and quick strikes taking advantage of his short cast times. Through this method he quickly picked up 2 wins, the second fight almost was an exact repeat from his first fight. He kept dodging or blocking every spell thrown at him with basic mana manipulation and got in a strike when his opponent was exhausted or had lost him due to mana colliding with each other or him firing a decoy attack blinding his opponent. While they weren’t stylish or cool those with experience in tournaments quickly grew to respect him. Those who just watched tournaments or people who attended for their first or second time thought he was just a dull fighter who didn’t have any real skill and just got a few lucky wins, these were also the ones which burst out in laughter when they saw his third match-up. The eternal Leigren, Girgjic from Alura Aroma. The man was 40 years old and after his first year in the school quickly rose to the status of Leigren and people expected great things from him but he never did. When people asked him why he wouldn’t shoot for Mageir or higher he simply replied with: “I don’t think the hassle is worth it, even this rank I got shoved onto me.” His magic was… weird for Dranire, it was a more physical style of fighting where his body started to be cloaked in mana and shifted into parts of animals allowing him to easily block attacks with a turtle shield, dodge attacks with the wings of a hawk or attack with the power of an ox. This match just like all the other third round matches were hold during the next day because the rules were changed, before if you scored just 3 hits you were the victor no matter how much damage your attacks did. During the third round and onwards you either needed to significantly hurt your opponent or knock them out to win. Doing this with just magic takes considerable force and with the previous matches being held most people were either exhausted or out of mana, that was the real reason to let the third round fights take place the next day, to allow the competitors to rest.

During the next day Corbeb's fight was the second fight of the day, the first fight was between two Leigren, water and wind. The fight was going back and forth until the wind Leigren had found his opening, shooting an air drill through the defences of his opponent and knocking him out. While it wasn't a flashy fight it definitely showed the people who were currently present that the level of the remaining participants was a lot higher than the previous day. Corbeb stepped into the Arena with his opponent on the other side, it was weird. He had expected a man with a strong build, tall who seemed very confident however he was met with the exact opposite. The man was on the short side, didn't seem to have a lot of well build muscles on him and seemed to shy away from the attention. Even his outfit was made to not stand out, it wasn't tight and was between white and beige. He looked at Corbeb and just greeted him normally from across the arena, Corbeb had no idea what to do how this man had passed the previous two rounds.

As the signal to start had been given all of Girgjic's mana started to come out all at once. Not knowing what he was seeing Corbeb instantly gathered the mana to from a shield to block a portion of the blow. Corbeb was bracing himself for the hit but it never came, the mana had covered the entire upper body of his opponent. So instead of making the shield he moulded it into a spike ball by adding a bit more mana from the air around him and threw it at his opponent while starting to prepare his shocking flasher. As the ball was approaching his opponent he mana became green and gathered around his arms forming 2 halves of a turtle shield. He brought the shields together and opened them forwards causing the ball to be reflected back to Corbeb who stopped gathering mana and dodge rolled to the side.

The moment he got up the mana he had gathered turned into a blade and he decided if his opponent was going to reflect his projectiles he'd just have to get up and personal with him. Swinging the blade diagonally starting at Girgjic's left leg Corbeb was ready to react to things at a moment's notice. Girgjic simply blocked it with the shield that he had formed and moved his fist towards Corbeb's stomach as the mana turned blue which caused Corbeb to fly backwards. 'Air magic huh. Seems like I'll have to be careful'. Corbeb thought to himself as he kept gathering mana in between his hands. As Girgjic saw that his opponent stopped attacking him he decided to take matters into his own hands. The aura around his body started to glow red and he ran towards Corbeb.

Corbeb saw his opponent dashing towards him and knew he wouldn't be able to gather enough mana to cast a huge spell but he had to make the most of his time to gather mana. By the time Girgjic had reached him Corbeb had collected about half of the mana he had needed to cast his spell. As Girgjic went in for a punch all his mana seemed to be gathered around his arm he was punching with. Blocking the first punch with a mana coated arm and pushing it away Corbeb managed to create some distance between the two. Girgjic however was relentless and charged back in, and landed a extended leg sweep with mana followed by a mana uppercut. Waiting until he came back down Girgjic started to charge an finisher. Corbeb saw what Girgjic was doing and knew that if he got hit by it he'd instantly lose the match. He created a water sword and extended it, causing it to pierce the ground and quickly made it back down. Due to this Girgjic's charging time was still going on and allowed Corbeb to prepare himself for the hit. By side stepping and forming a stream of water he blasted Girgjic to the other side of the arena, however Girgjic's punch had left a huge impression on Corbeb as it had damaged the force field of the arena to such a degree that another of those attacks would break it and the match would have to be cancelled.

As Girgjic crashed into the wall from Corbeb's blast the crowd went wild. Corbeb finished preparing his signature magic, the shocking flasher. and fired it at Girgjic, as Girgjic got blasted into the wall he fell the ground once the damage from the hit wore off a bit he saw the attack coming from him. "Oh no you don't!" One part of his mana glowed green while the other part became blue, with the green part he blocked and broke the stream of wires send at him and proceeded to grab them with his blue side absorbing them into himself. His mana behind him flared up and a wicked grin appeared on his face. "You're the first one to actually force me to use this one through sheer power." The mana around him started to glow golden and completely engulfed him causing a massive golden burst of light to burst out of him. As soon as everyone could see again Girgjic seemed to be wearing a golden armor with the helmet looking like a dragon, the gauntlets gave him claws and on his back were 2 huge golden wings.

Girgjic took off and instantly was in front of Corbeb and send a mana shockwave into his gut and proceeded to send him into the sky. The exhausted mage couldn't do anything and was flung into the sky only to be spiked back into the ground. As he slowly rose Girgjic looked at him. "I'm very much like you, I also focused on the basics instead of the advanced magics which allowed me to develop this magic. However I have managed to perfect one technique." He brought his hands to his mouth while cupped and breathed into his hands and a bright yellow shine game off it. He held it in two hands and brought it behind his head and flung it towards Corbeb releasing it at the last moment. “Arcana dragon orb!” He exclaimed as the threw the ball towards Corbeb. The moment Corbeb saw the ball he knew he had to block it at all costs otherwise he'd be in a very critical condition afterwards, he gathered all but the last drop of mana in his body and created a gigantic water barrier, however he knew it wouldn't be enough. It needed to be denser, it needed to absorb the shock even better, it needed to be like snow. As he thought that the barrier started to change to a more snow like texture but didn't make the full change. However it was enough. The barrier evaporated from the blast but Corbeb had next to no damage, knowing he was almost done he used his last resort he gathered wild mana and created 2 water swords from it hoping it would be enough. 'I hope I'll be able to survive until it happens with what he had just caused that might be my chance for a comeback.' Girgjic didn't even wait until his attack connected, no one at this level would be able to fully block that blast the generic elements aren't strong enough to do it. He slowly lowered to the ground and turned around as he was about to let the mana around him go away he heard the audience gasp and abruptly turned around. "WHAT?! HOW!" He said but didn't wait for a response and once again dashed towards his foe.

Corbeb, knowing what to expect this time pointed one of his water swords forwards and put the other one diagonal pointing to the ground. This caused Girgjic to stop on his tracks as he thought it would be too reckless to charge into that. He slowly approached Corbeb as the sun slowly started to disappear behind the dark clouds that were gathering around Ryseitan. Following his opponent movements Corbeb made sure he never lost his opponent so that he could launch a sneak attack on him. It was then he noticed the clouds, he actually could pull this off if he could stall for a little bit more. As he looked away for a brief moment Girgjic saw his chance and launched an attack on Corbeb's knee. Having expected that Corbeb blocked it with one sword and stabbed in the attacking man's direction while making sure to leave as little openings as possible. Having to dodge the stab Girgjic backed off he only had enough mana left for one huge attack in this form and he didn't want to waste it, the charge up time was long enough to easily be interrupted even if he were to dash to his opponent's blind spot. They spend the next minute staring at each other constantly circling around each other much to the discontent of the audience which started booing them. The fighters however noticed that they were at a stalemate, Girgjic couldn't enter Corbeb's range without taking a useless risk of losing the fight in one swing while Corbeb couldn't afford to spend his energy recklessly. Corbeb however took the first action, and made an upwards slash with the blade farthest away from Girgjic while pivoting so that his swing got a lot more range. Girgjic was not surprised of this attempt and blocked the sword with his arm then proceeded to punch Corbeb who blocked it with his sword and spun away from the clash. He started to breath heavily when he noticed a drop falling on his hand, he had made it. He sighed and looked Girgjic dead in the eye with new found strength from the rain that was starting to fall which made his opponent slightly nervous and wondered what had happened which caused Corbeb to regain his confidence all of a sudden.

The rain that was falling started to be drawn towards Corbeb, sticking to his skin only to vanish directly afterwards. As this kept happening his mana pool started to fill rapidly and Girgjic noticed this, not giving Corbeb any chance to recover more mana as he already had he charged in attempting to hit him but all his attacks were parried by the water swords Corbeb was wielding. As Girgjic stepped in for a stomach punch Corbeb side stepped pre-emptively and stabbed Girgjic in the hip, however the armour he was wearing was too strong the sword only hit it but didn't pierce through but damaged the armor considerably. Both backed off thinking of new ways to attack the other. Corbeb was the first who did something, he brought both his swords together creating a single long sword made of water. As his foe saw this a smile started to form on his face, which became visible since the helmet of his armour vanished together with the knee and elbow protectors and the damage on the hip was repaired.

Using the longer range he had now Corbeb swung his sword making sure to stay at a safe range from Girgjic. With this new sword which was stronger than the last one he would have no problem breaking the armor, or so he thought. Girgjic caught the sword without any effort and broke it by simply making a fist. “If that’s the best you can do you better give up now. I’ll give it to you, you’re the first one who have been able to go head-to-head with me when I’m in this form. Somehow you are causing me to not want to lose against you.” Using the water around him Corbeb created two more swords and proceeded to dash towards his opponent preparing for a rush attack, however every single one of his attacks were, blocked or parried and at the end he was shoved away through the sheer power of the air movement of his opponent. He stood there, he had nothing left. The rain had stopped, his magic wasn’t affecting his opponent anymore and he had no more tricks left. Standing there with his head down and the swords in hand, he knew it. He was defeated, this was the end for him.
Girgjic looked at his opponent confused. “Hey, are you really giving up. Just after you’ve turned the tides with the rain? C’mon after you’ve given me such a hard time and forced me to get heated about this battle, the least you can do is face my final attack head-on.” Corbeb sighed, he looked up at his opponent however one of the words he used rang a bell in his head. Turned. As Girgjic was charging his attack Corbeb remembered the most destructive ability water has, not the force of the water, not the amount of the water, but the swirling water. Corbeb looked at his swords, they weren’t exactly the correct weapons to use for swirling waters. He combined them back into a single sword and focused on changing the shape of it. Into something more pointy and long. As he was doing this Girgjic noticed that Corbeb had found another thing to give him hope. He was relieved, if only all his opponents were this entertaining then he might actually try his best every fight he was in. He had already finished charging his attack however he wanted to see what this water mage came up with. As Corbeb was changing the shape and swirling the water that the weapon was made of he couldn’t keep holding it, he was tearing apart his hands. He had no choice, he threw his hastily made lance forwards and ran after it. As he almost touched it he coated his hand with the last of his mana and launched it towards Girgjic at such speeds that dodging would be impossible. As he fell to the ground from exhaustion he whispered “Maelstrom lance.” Girgjic stood there, he felt the force of the attack from this far away, he stood his ground and grinned. “You want to make this a power match huh? Your weapon against my armor, okay. I’m game.” All the energy he had gathered for his final attack was poured into his gauntlets, “Mythic grasp.” A technique he became famous for in the tournament scene. So far it was an attack which could block all magic thrown at him by grabbing it and applying such pressure to it that it just shattered. He put both his wrists against each other and pointed his palms to the attack to catch it.

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