Circe Casterwill, student of the Scholomance

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Circe Casterwill, student of the Scholomance

Post by Circe on Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:08 pm

Name: Circe Casterwill
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Dranirian
School: Scholomance
Backstory: Born in 39 A.C, Circe lived a normal childhood in the Ilru province. Her parents, however, were rather poor and were finding it difficult to live comfortably. Eventually they gave up and were only trying to sustain themselves and their child. Circe loved to read and explore the town, and thus became rather adept in both brain smarts and street smarts. She had an inexplicable passion for learning magic, she knew it was what she wanted to do with her life. Her grades were rather good all throughout primary school, and she never once hated anyone in her life, she was always very cheerful and benevolent.
One day, Circe was wandering the Ilru Magic District when she came across something strange; a fortune telling booth. She had never noticed the building before, but she shrugged and went in, where she found what appeared to be a fortune teller, with a face concealed in red and violet robes. Circe went in and did the standard procedures: The fortune teller told her to place her hand on the crystal ball, so she did. In doing so, she felt a strange uneasiness, the fortune teller then told her that her peaceful cheerful life would soon face a long and bloody road. Circe was frightened as she walked out of that booth, being only ten years old she had no idea what was coming for her.
A year later, Circe started getting into the practice of magic. She knew she wanted to go to Magic School desperately, but the Casterwills were one of the poorer families of Ilru, so she was rather certain that her parents wouldn't be able to send her to school. However, that all changed one day when she discovered the Scholomance.
Circe had always been ambitious, she loved helping the needy even though she was one of them herself. Anytime she found crooks how tried to use black magic, most people saw the evil in their stealing, but Circe saw what she believed to be the truth; most of them were only doing the things they did because they didn't have any money to pay for it. She became rather famous by being able to talk criminals out of doing bad things. Circe believed that there was good buried in the heart of everything, no matter how evil it was on the outside. She had heard of the Scholomance before, but when she saw it for herself, she was beyond belief. The school was glorious and magnificent, and it fought for exactly what she believed in; Light in the practice of the Dark Arts. Circe knew that she wanted to go there, and after her parents saw her devotion, they felt bad about neglecting their poor daughter, but not bad enough to where they could make a difference. So Circe took it upon herself to raise the money, she got a small job shining people's shoes in the Wood and Metal District for 5 Dranan an hour. After she had done this for a while, her parents decided that if they couldn't have a good life now, they would try and make a better life for their daughter, and pulled themselves together. Together, they managed to become middle class and raise enough money for her to go to school.
Circe waited three years of raising money, and she is now ready to attend the school of her dreams.

Weapon: 1
Ball: 1
Beam: 0
Shield: 1

Signature Magic:
Name: Baton Blast
Description: Creates a baton out of mana and puts a ball on each end, then throws it like a boomerang. Does significant damage by either hitting its target or dispatching one of the two spheres to hit the target(although this only gets two charges) and lasts for 5 throws until dissipating.


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Re: Circe Casterwill, student of the Scholomance

Post by Lunarnox on Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:23 am

Accepted for now! Some stuff miiiight come into play later though, who knows?

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