Info about the country dranire + map

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Info about the country dranire + map

Post by Necruta on Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:32 pm

*=Ilru same as the city

Info about the provinces

Khaglid is a relatively quiet and calm province there aren't a lot of big cities although the Maisei family lives in this province there aren't a lot of good magic schools in this area. This is due to the warlock having destroyed all the magic schools and forced most of the young mages to become his followers.

Byles is split in 2 parts, one in which the land is completely cultivated and the other in which nature is left free and untamed. People who are born in the cultivated area are "normal" Dranirians, however those who are born in the overgrown part have a strong affinity towards  earth and nature magic and usually can't learn anything else besides those magic types. This is unusual as Dranirians are known for their ability to learn any type of magic they want and thus a large scale research is currently under way on this subject.

The province called Evrir is the largest province in Dranire and while it doesn't have any "big" cities like Byles or Gonikn, a large population does live in the smaller villages which are in this province due to the presence of the river. Since Ilru is in the center of this province they have tight connections and often decide things together. Most of the Euide family that doesn't live in Ilru lives in this province, along with some of the Castles of the Royal family.

Jeotwinn is the poorest and driest province of all the provinces, due to this some people have more affinity towards learning Fire magic. This would be a good thing if not for the fact that there is only 1 secondary magic school in this province and most people don't have enough Dranan to afford an education at this school and thus it shut down a couple of years ago. If natives of this region wish to be taught elemental magic then they must travel to learn, which for most people who can even afford it isn't worth the trouble.

Ilru is a province which entirely consists of a single city which has the same name. This province is entirely focused on trading and selling and has divided itself in 5 districts: a wood district, a metal district, a magic district, a food district and a scroll district. Each district has multiple layers, the higher layers offering more expensive and higher quality goods and services. Each district currently has 4 layers with the exception of the magic district, with 8 layers.

The royal family and the council of the sages are located in Gonikn. While it's a relatively small province, all of the big decisions are made there, as the political capital. Most of the prestigious magic schools are located here as well, most of which have won the National Magic Tournament multiple times.
Info about the large cities or important places in Dranire

1. Ryseitan is the capital of Dranire and is the place where the government is located as well as the most prestigious and expensive Magic schools. They are known for their huge potential in producing winners in the National Magic Tournament. The city is full of mages who have mastered at least 2 elements or more.

2 Rinnei: Although this town isn't very big, most of the affordable schools are located here. Rinnei is where the most potent earth and nature mages are born. No one knows why and currently researchers are trying to figure it out, due to this, the town is the main hub for growing specific plants or herbs and distributing them.

3 Buivert: Although Buivert isn't a town which has a lot of special things it has one relic which is worth knowing about: the Robe of Infinity. The robe can only be worn by people who's magic power is twice the average. Although putting on the Robe gives immense powers to the one wearing it, it will also drain one's mana and converts it into mass, curiously making it heavier each time a person has worn it. It currently weighs around 100 kg.

4 Ilru: While Ryseitan is the capital of Dranire, Ilru is the business center of the country, and this is where almost every thing is traded. The city is separated into different districts each specializing in different products: a wood district, a metal district, a magic district, a food district and a scroll district.

5 Ureza: Ureza is the town in which the the highest ranked magic school in Dranire is located because it won the last National Magic Tournament despite their mediocre funding. Last year's victory was all thanks to a skilled light mage who joined their school that year: Kenneth. Because of that victory, some rumors even say he's already on Lei'gren level.

6 The Abandoned castle of the Warlock who attacked and nearly took over Dranire. Sometimes people try to enter this place in the hope of finding magical artifacts left there by the warlock and his minions. The superstitious types claim the minions still are inside this castle waiting for their master to return still.

7 Jitarg: this is the city where Crystallized Elements is located. It's a poor desert city where most people don't have the money to leave the city and get further educated in magic. Finding a person who has mastered or even learned 1 element in this city is near impossible since they probably would have left as soon as they noticed they had the skill to. However because they are so far away and isolated they've made their own set of laws:

  • Physical weapons and magic are allowed as long as you only use them to defend yourself
  • Mastering the primary magic school in 5 years or less, gives you 6000 Dranan. This is equivalent to 4 years of secondary magical schooling at average secondary magic schools. This doesn't happen often, only around once every 20 years.
  • Being Lei'gren instantly gives you a position in the local government.

8 The crystal lake: This lake has always been there since the start of the country. Anyone who get's close to it seems to try to avoid getting near it. People who've seen their friends or family go towards the lake never saw them return. A rumor is going around dranire about the lake which goes like this:
"One day a child saw his mother walk away from home without telling him where she was going. Curious where his mom was going, he followed her. Not old enough to learn magic, he couldn't feel the ominous aura surrounding the place. He followed her through the forest but lost her, and instead found the lake and noticed how thirsty he was. His mother saw him then and ran to stop him but was too late. When reaching for the water the child fell into the water and sank to the bottom. When the mother looked for her child in the lake the only thing she saw were crystals. None can explain what happened."
It is very clear that the lake has mystical powers and that all people in Dranire fear the lake from the bottom of their hearts.

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