Girgjic - Wind Instructor

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Girgjic - Wind Instructor

Post by Necruta on Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:20 pm

Name: Girgjic Maesei
Gender: Man
Species: Dranirian

Backstory: Girgjic is the 4th child of the Maesei family, one of the families known for their strong affinity with the earth and being exceptional wind mages, while all his brothers and sisters were breezing through their studies he struggled with the entire wind element. Eventually his family gave up on learning wind magic and send him away to a private school which taught all magic types, there he learned that the reason he was unable to learn wind magic was because he didn't understand the simplicity of the wind and overthought it. Due to him taking so long the family was embarrassed by him and the officially disowned him. Within 8 years he slowly but surely learned wind magic and mastered the simple forms of the wind magic, although he had mastered wind magic he felt like he needed another type of magic so he studied earth magic.
This proved much easier for him since earth was a solid object which he could easily understand, with some training he mastered the basics of earth magic within a year, however that wasn't enough for him. He wanted to create his own type of magic, while he was disowned he still had the pride of the Maesei family. So he left the academy where he had learned the magic and started wandering across Dranire training himself and figuring what he wanted to use for his personal magic.Once he reached Jitarg he witnessed a sandstorm, he instantly knew that this was his answer, he trained day and night to find the right combination of sand and wind to create sandstorms and control them easily. After he had mastered them he stayed in Jitarg since liked it there, for the last 3 years he has lived there until he was approached by Kialo to teach the basics of wind magic at his school and he accepted this offer.
Magic: Wind and Earth.
Signature magic: sandstorms.

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