Magic Ranking in Dranire

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Magic Ranking in Dranire

Post by Necruta on Sun Jun 15, 2014 10:38 pm

Leigren: Mages who've reached the level of Leighren have finished their secondary magical education within 3 years or less. In addition to that they've also shown ways to improve the magic class by creating their own spells and successfully casting them in a high ranked magical match against someone who has at least the level of Leighren or higher. The only other way is to win the national magic tournament before one becomes 21 years old or showing in said tournament that you have the qualities and skill required to become a Maggier.

Maggeir: Leighren who have contributed towards the development of a new magic type or a new way to use magic are able to get the rank of Maggeir. For example the first few water Leighren who also discovered you could turn the water into ice while creating it. Also the Maggeir has to be a Leighren before becoming a Maggeir.

Recolach: These are the people who have changed the way a magic is used or created a magic separate from anything that existed before by themselfs(such as darkness magic when there only was elemental magic) and have shown the necessary power and skill to go along with it. The Recolagh also has to be a Maggeir before becoing a Recolach.

Arch Recolach: Not much is know about people who've reached this Level or who they actually are. When they come out in public they always wear black robes with red symbols and white masks with blue markings. These are the people who come out as the last line of defense to defend Dranire. They are also members of the Counsel of sages.

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