Races in Dranire

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Races in Dranire

Post by Necruta on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:56 am

Species: Dranirian
Description: the "normal" population of Dranire, they are the humans of this country in almost every aspect except hair colour which can be virtually anything, and their born affinity towards mana manipulation which allows them to excel at magic most of the time, and any magic at that.
Pros: No racial cons
Cons: No racial pros

Species: Anthros(collective name)
Description: This species are a mix of Dranirian and an animal. Their mixed race does help them by heightening their senses and reflexes, though specific benefits vary depending on subrace.
(Strong subraces are: Bobcat, bear, monkey, hawk, iguana, shark)
Pros: Heightened senses, strong body (120 HP)
Cons: More Vulnerable to attacks on the senses, Low manapool (80 MP)
(Adept subraces are: Ferret, fox, lemur, bluejay, snake, fish)
Pros: Heightened senses, strong mind (120 MP)
Cons: More Vulnerable to attacks on the senses, physically vulnerable (80 HP)

Species: Crystalis
Description: This race has a lot in common with our elves. Pale skin, pointed ears and taller than their "human" counter part. Their hair color is usually blond or light brown, and their eye colour can be any shade of blue, green or in between. Dranirian Crystalis have evolved to the point where they excel in light magic but at the cost of their affinity towards the dark. Further more they are physically weaker than Dranirians but have a bigger mana pool than them.
Pros: Light magic is easily learned, Big mana pool (120), resistant to light magic (20% reduction)
Cons: Impossible to learn Dark magic, Very fragile (80 HP), vulnerable to dark magic (20%)

Species: Boduw
Description: The dark counterpart of the crystalis, they share the same pros and cons, but the light and dark affinity are reversed. Unlike the pale skin of the Crystalis, the Boduw are dark skinned usually have dark hair and their eyes are grey or red.
Pros: Dark magic is easily learned, Big mana pool (120), resistant to dark magic (20%)
Cons: Impossible to learn Light magic, Very Fragile (80 HP), vulnerable to light magic (20%)

Species: Dwog
Description: Slightly short humanoids with some unique features. Males are completely hairless from head to toe, and have four tentacle-like protrusions on their jaws, similar in appearance to a Twi'lek's brainstalks (if you don't know what that is, Google it, pleb!) and similar in position to a beard. Females have hair (usually blonde or red) on their heads and only two smaller protrusions. The protrusions are sensory organs that detect changes in the environment and vibrations. Their bodies are thick and powerful, the males slightly more so. They are usually exclusively Earth users, but Dranire's strange properties have changed this. Males are born with a sixth knuckle bone that protrudes beneath the pinky knuckle. Hard as metal, it is intended as a natural weapon and digging tool, but the former is outlawed.
Pros: Greater strength and durability, heightened reflexes (HP 120 male, 115 female), resistant to Earth magic (30%)
Cons: Reduced magical affinity, reduced speed (MP 80 male, 85 female), vulnerable to fire magic (30%).

Species: Teek
Description: Tiny bioluminescent winged humanoids. Glowing pigmentation lines their skin in genetically determined patterns, always ranging between red and blue, with white thrown in and hair and eye color to match. They stand usually between 20 and 31cm tall. Their glows are an intrinsic part of their culture and as such, they wear little clothing in order to bare as much as they can, although interestingly enough the males are just as required to cover their tops as the females. Their builds are light and thin, usually soft and smooth to the touch. Their wings are insectoid in appearance, and tinted the same color as the rest of their special features.
Pros: Tremendous magical potential, quick and agile (MP 140 male, 145 female), resistant to Wind magic (20%)
Cons: Feeble and vulnerable. (HP 60 male, 55 female), vulnerable to Water magic (10%) and especially ice (20%)

Species: Corlan
Description: Taller than humans, generally between 180 and 235cm, with average frames (relatively speaking) packed with muscle. Non-dranirian members of this species have exceptional core body temperatures and fissure-like indents in their skin, through which the glow of their extreme temperature shows like lava. Other elements, thanks to Dranire's properties, exhibit other traits depending on which element they expose themselves most to. They are born looking like tan humans with no glow, and change to become the standard lava-like, slippery-skinned with blue light for water elementals, rough and rock-like, or smooth and white-glowing for wind elementals. The cracks are always shallow, no deeper than 3 cm unless expanded by injuries. Matriarchal in origin, the sexes are equal in Dranire although the females are the taller and stronger of the two, and at puberty (10 years) begin to grow twin horns out of their foreheads with which nature intended they would use to fight over males. Fire and earth-aligned Corlan have jagged horns, while water and wind-aligned ones have smoothly curving ram-like horns. Corlan specializing in extraquadrant magic (metal, necromancy, etc.) exist, but they still retain their original magic specialization.
Pros: Greatly increased physical strength and resilience (HP 140 female, 135 male). Natural magic-based abilities (breath attacks for fire and wind, water breathing for water, dust cloud creation for earth). Resistant to aligned element (20%).
Cons: Reduced magical potential (60 MP female, 65 male), vulnerable to non-aligned element of choice (20%).

If you want a species which isn't on this list please send a PM to one of the DMs in the following format, if your species is accepted it will be added to this list for other people to chose from.

Species:Name of the species
Description:Description of the species in terms of physical appearance
Pros: At least 2 pros
Cons: At least 2 cons

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