Important Families in Dranire

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Important Families in Dranire

Post by Necruta on Sun Jul 05, 2015 3:28 am

The Maesei family are all strong wind mages which have the reputation that all their 18+ members are at least at the level of Lei'gren or higher. Most of the family live in the Khag'lid province and are the second highest authority there after the council of the sages. They have 1 family member who has been disowned, while he still carries their name everyone in Dranire knows he's not an official part of the family anymore.

Euide is the name of the family who has the strongest water mages in Dranire, while they are strong they somehow never are chosen as Reco'lach,  currently there is 1 girl in the family which is 15 years old called Aoi currently she is in storming hydra a school known for focusing on water and wind magic but with enough teachers to go into more "obscure" directions. The Euide family has strong ties to the royal family with some of the females and males marrying someone of royal blood. Most of the Euide family live in Ilru in one of the upper layers.

Dranire still has a royal family which is Naveon, while they are the royal family they don't have a lot of political power and are mostly there for the ceremonies and for outside relationships. Although the royal family isn't important for political power one aspect of the family is very rare, all born into the royal family are able to handle at least 3 elements at the age of 17 no exception. This fact makes the royal family one of the, if not the strongest family in Dranire and most of the time the finals of the Magic Tournement is a match between those of royal blood.

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